Polyurea coating/elastomer is derived from the reaction product of a poly isocyanate component and a resin blend component. Due to it's fast cure time, excellent adhesion, abrasion , corrosion resistance, strong durable finish and waterproofing capabilities - polyurea coating has become the number one leading solution to resolving many issues in the coating industry. It provides tough, effective protection to various surfaces such as metal, steel, wood, concrete, rubber, plastic, fiberglass, urethane foam and many others. Along with extreme protection, polyurea offers value added solutions by greatly increasing the service life of your building structure/investment, at just a fraction of the replacement cost.

Overhead costs are minimal due to Polyurea's instant gel time, of the specified desired thickness, in a single application. UKFF is a Sika® Approved applicator for Polyurea in the UK. Our polyurea coating provided is pure, eco-friendly with no waste and is non-toxic, it does not contain any VOCs or solvents.

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Polyurea Waterproofing

Benefits of Polyurea coatings

  • Abrasion Resistance

  • Blast & Ballistic Mitigation

  • Chemical Resistance

  • Corrosion Resistance

  • Energy Containment & Erosion Resistance

  • Garage floor protection coating

  • Energy Absorption

  • Environmental Protection

  • Fire retardant & Flame Resistance

  • Waterproof protection

  • Concrete coatings

  • Concrete floor coatings

  • Fuel Storage or Hazardous Materials Containment

  • Primary & Secondary Containment

  • Floor Waterproofing, Slip Proofing & Protection

  • Seismic Reinforcement

  • Swimming Pool & Pond Lining

  • Tank or Pipe Lining & Protection

  • Asbestos Encapsulation

  • Structural Reinforcement

  • General Water Proofing

  • Foam Insulation Protection

  • Garage & Shed Waterproofing & Protection

  • Levelling Uneven Surface Areas

Concrete Lifting/Stabilising


There are a variety of reasons which cause concrete to settle and become uneven. Inadequate drainage or weak spots are a primary factor and create issues which would traditionally require new concrete to be laid. Concrete levelling is effectively repairing in-situ, requiring no excavation or removal of existing concrete which significantly reduces the costs involved.

Our concrete levelling uses expanding polymer resin in an injection process, through a hole less than one inch in diameter. The material is injected at high pressure and the expansion of the air bubbles below the slab surface performs a lifting action as the liquid resin reacts and fill any voids below the slab. The beauty of expanding foams is that they will follow the path of least resistance and expanding in all directions. They do not retain any moisture and can cure in as little as 30 minutes.

Ground stabilisation can also be applied beneath the concrete base or slab, meaning when the surface is protected long term, from the movement of the concrete.

Benefits of our Concrete Levelling

  • Requires less clean up than other forms of levelling

  • Smaller holes

  • Mobile units can reach areas inaccessible to truck-based equipment

  • Does not retain moisture

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