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About Us

UKFF is setting high standards for waterpoofers/tanking contractors , concrete repairs & general good standard quality work.

UKFF have been in the game long enough to solve any issues which are thrown our way and have worked along well known waterproof brands to help achieve waterproofing at its best.

UKFF has come a long way from when it first started and due to our high quality standards UKFF is where it is now leading with the biggest Polyrea waterproofing Rig in the Europe.

UKFF by far out have the best quality and have the quickest service due to investing in the best equipment there is for the services we provide. UKFF have spent a lot of it's time investing in the most advanced machinery there is to give so time restrainst's are met.

UKFF has invested in training there staff to achieve the quality the company has set and we accept nothing less.

All of our staff are trained in the most advanced equipment and even have the most experience on how to use the equipment to it's best & safest capabilities. 

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