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Movement Joints/Expansion Joints


UKFF specialise in having the correct detail for any movement/Expansion joint out there. 

the Detail will be down to how much movement, Traffic , temperature , size & substrate condition/material

UKFF can carry out any movement Joint works to ensure that it is done correctly for when our membrane is installed over the top.

its integral that the movement joint is installed correctly due to the amount fo stress movement joints can cause to the membrane which is waterproofing the area and also to ensure the movement joint is waterproof it's self to stop any water getting through the joint also. 

As a waterproofing Company. we have the keen eye to our installation to ensure our system is fully bonded and fully moveable with the substrate.

our system can move with two different materials meeting at a point for e.g. concrete slab & a steele plate. due to different materials there is different movement between the materials. we can ensure that installing a movement joint will prevent and tearing in the membrane which is installed after

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