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UKFF waterproofing system

UKFF take massive pride in their equipment and quality of work. we have specific rigs which apply a polyurea membrane 

Polyurea Waterproofing

UKFF system for tanking is one of the most reliable and best on the market today. UKFF specialise in polyurea where invest time and money into installing the right equipment and detailing to each job individually 

UKFF are one is the biggest Polurea spraying company and also have the biggest rig spraying up to two machines at a time from a turn key. UKFF have also invested in a quick drying system to speed up the process of applying the waterproofing.

UKFF polyurea system can be installed on any substrate. if the polyurea is a finish product we can top coat to any colour the client would prefer. 

we have the most experience in the country down to our equipment and the applicant of polyurea where we are leading in success of jobs lasting past the warrantee expectancy. 

UKFF make it a priority that no short cuts are taken due to pressures of Time scales, making sure the job is done correctly the first time. 

UKFF has also be starred on Grand Designs for waterproofing a building which was being buried using the polyurea system.

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