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Waterproofing and ground stabilization

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UKFF Solutions

UKFF specialises in waterproofing podium decks ,Tanking & any other waterproofing needs.

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UKFF Services

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UKFF waterproofing

Our specialists are based in the UK but also operate  internationally

Concrete Repairs

UKFF have teams who specialise in concrete repairs

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UKFF have specialist skills and machinery to help stabilize or lift concrete structures.

Movement joints/Exapansion Joints

UKFF specialise in repairing severely damaged concrete and installing movement joints in concrete substrates 

Concrete Lifting/Stabilization & Spray Foam pile Caps


Core Cutting

UKFF Speciliase in Core cutting from 50mm up to 500mm. our equipment reduces the amount of water introduced into the enviroment. our System recycles the dirty water from the core and recycle's it back into the drill. meaning there is no water exposure to our surroundings.

intumescent paint

UKFF have the experience and the right equipment to apply intumiscent paint to steele beams to extend the life of steele which are exposed to ecessive heat during a building fire.

Waterproof Mortar 

UKFF also offer top quality work when it comes to waterproof mortar. using waterproof mortar it is lenient in the wetness of the surface and be achieved in almost all conditions. 

our waterpoofing is a flexy waterproofing mortar


Aesthetically  pleasing 


Advanced Equipment

For Waterproofing


25 Year Warranty

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